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The Peasant and the King -- Author SIgned Copy

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Paperback, signed by Waldo! 334 pages, apx 65.000 words. E-book (downloadable PDF) available for $2.99 via Book Locker

"Be humble for you are made of stardust,
Be noble for you are the Maker of stars."
A God-seeking peasant from a mythic kingdom is unable to find peace within the doctrinal constraints of his people’s religion. One day he is called to undertake a pilgrimage to the heavenly mountaintop Palace for an audience with the King. But the hero’s journey he had imagined takes many unexpected turns that stretch his faith beyond its limits and shatter every bone of truth in his body. In his brokenness, he learns that his destination was never far away, though only his ultimate failure in chasing it could reveal what he truly was all along.

Modeled after the great allegorical tales among the world’s heritage of sacred scriptures, The Peasant and the King is a revival of traditional mythic storytelling with a unique rendition of timeless Perennial wisdom. Combining elements of Taoism, Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Christian mysticism, Spinozan pantheism, panpsychism, and modern quantum theory, it reinvokes the ancient art of mythcraft as a contemplative exercise, while exemplifying the modern value of finding unity in diversity. 

Traditional spiritual teachings still hold sway over our hearts in this era of mechanistic thought. But their guardians have mostly abdicated the role of consciousness expansion in favor of fundamentalist politics and literalism. If you sense the treasure hidden among these seminal texts, The Peasant and the King delivers a needed dose of mystic insight and metaphysical heft, all within a time-bending motif that will drop you at your doorstep after a long, deep ride into the Void within.

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