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Waldo Noesta Boxless Box Set:

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Think outside the box! Perfect for gift giving, this boxless box set includes both of Waldo's paperback books to save you money on both materials and shipping. 

With the raw, surreal events of September 11, 2001 as the backdrop, Birding in the Face of Terror follows two parallel narrators in spiritual crisis who must come to grips with psychological exiles of their own devising. It is an antidote for our age of anxiety, a hopepunk testament of love and wholeness for a culture broken by fear.

Weaving elements of Eastern philosophy, Christian mysticism, Spinozan pantheism, panpsychism, and quantum theory, The Peasant and the King reinvokes the ancient art of mythcraft as a contemplative exercise, with a time-binding modern twist.

Visit the Books and Publications page at "Not One, Not Two" for more details and related materials for both books!

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