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Beyond These Four Walls

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Essay, e-book (sharable PDF file) -- 23 pages, apx 5700 words

"All the world's a stage. You'll get over it."

When my old bestie Jeffrey Bonfield dealt that double pair of entendres to the universe many years ago, I doubt he foresaw being quoted in the epigraph of my first novel, "Birding in the Face of Terror" -- and I am certain he never imagined that he’d created the first (and thus far, only) indigenous Omniperennialist mantra.

Using the poignant metaphor of live theater, Noesta takes us on a guided trip beyond “the fourth wall” of our own subjective experience of linear time, and into the transtemporal realms alluded to perennially by the world’s spiritual traditions. You will see the metaphysical foundation for the “I and I” perspective of “Birding’s” unitary narrator, and why you can trust your soul, the actor playing your character in your unique “theatrical production,” to lead you there when your curtain falls -- great news to anyone who has dealt with debilitating anxiety about death, or fates even worse.

If you’ve read the condensed version of this article at Not Two, give it another look here. Though still a short read, this is a contemplative essay you will want to ponder long and deep. 
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