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The Even Better News: An Avant-God Manifesto

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E-book (PDF file) -- 39 pages, apx 10,400 words

"As a countermeasure to the pretzel logic of scriptural idolatry, I offer this one litmus test that can be applied across the board to any idea competing for spiritual truth: If this scripture is good news to you, but bad news to others, it isn’t good enough. Don’t confuse it for gospel. It has taken you as far as it can go. This is the jumping-off point for a truth that is bigger."

Originally penned by JP in 2014 as two separate articles to function as the opening statement on the former Heretic Asylum website, Waldo smooshed them together and added new insights for a fresh take on this tribute to progressive theology and DIY religion. If those seem to you like oxymoronic terms, you need to read this. Religion depends upon a progressive minority to keep it both relevant and spiritually nourishing. The innovative thinkers and inner cosmonauts, exploring with fidelity to the traditional theological frameworks, are in fact the only reason these frameworks still exist as trailheads for the path to the Eternal and Absolute. 

You will learn why religion becomes stronger and more effective for its ultimate purpose when its legends are taken as poetic metaphor rather than historic fact; why poetry removes the top of Emily Dickinson's head, and how the Avant-God come to claim the rest of her. You will grok the subtle difference between Sruti and smriti, and between gospel and scripture. By the end, we'll be damned if you aren't ready to start your own Omniperennialist pathwalk if you aren't on one already (or at least find out what that means).

This new 2020 edition also includes a list of Recommended Reading compiled by the Not Two staff for your further explorations.
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